Empowering young women

About 120 graduating girls learn important tailoring skills each year and more than 60% of them have started income generating businesses that positively impacted their individual and family socio-economic condition. In addition, almost 2,000 of our high school girls learn important computer skills each year.  75% of graduating 12t graders use those skills to acquire computer-related jobs, apply their skills in college, or in family businesses, helping many of them break the sad cycle of forced early marriage and child-bearing.

Our Expertise

1. Rights awareness /advocacy strategies on GBV and women’s rights and gender equality.
2. GBV and child rights prevention responses
3. Livelihood support/vocational trainings
4. Right Awareness media production
5. MHPSS counseling
6. Right Campaigns implementation
7. Awareness through print media/ Radio/ TV/ social media
8. Stakeholders coordination and networking
9. Conferences facilitation
10. Round table discussion
11. Child protection
12. Child friendly spaces (CFS & MH CFS)
13. Community mobilization