Humanitarian Assistance & Emergency Response

A country like Afghanistan there has always been the need to respond for humanitarian assistance and emergency needs. OAWCK  is working in the humanitarian assistance and emergency for marginalized communities by providing food , shelter, cash, hygiene kits, dignity kits, cash for work, food for work to poor families with the coordination of key stakeholders including governmental institutions.

Our Expertise

1. Emergency Survey & Assessment
2. Coordination with stakeholders.
3. Distribution of Food items
4. Distribution of winterization kits and NFIs
5. Cash for winterization and foods
6. Emergency Shelter
7. Distribution of Hygiene Kits
8. Provision of permanent shelter
9. Provision of safe drinking water
10. Hygiene supplies
11. Multipurpose cash support
12. Distribution of Dignity Kits
13. Psychosocial support services
14. Rapid cash assistance
15. Food for Work
16. Earthquake rapid response