Education is a key element which effects any society’s economic and social development. Before regime change in afghanistan there was a revolutionary demand for access to education. Millions of girls and boys wanted to attend schools or universities. There were also remarkable achievements in the field of education in the tenure of democratic government. Restrictions of the female education by the current government has complicated the access to the education specially for women and girls. While considering the current scenario the OAWCK board decided to add the “education” in its priorities.

Our key strategies includes:

Expanding Community-Based Education:  Our education solution must be with multi-pronged approach including  community based schools

Use Technology: Include technology online learning, remote access, digital libraries and resource center in our interventions can resolve lot of issues

Empowering Private Education institutions: We can support these institutions to develop specialized training courses in health, medicine,

pharmacy, education , IT, Modern Technology etc.

Distance Learning:  Distance learning education program with the assistance of the afghanistan/International institution can improve situation a lot.

Our Key Services

1. Managing Teacher Training Program
2. Literacy Training for Adults
3. Education for Returnees and IDPs
4. Basic Literacy & Life skills Training
5. Literacy Training for children in CFS
6. Accelerated Learning Program
7. Integrating Technology in Education
8. Developing digital education materials
9. Developing Digital Training Education resource center
10. Empowering Private Education and Training institutions
11. Promoting distance Education System
12. Financial assistance to students / families
13. Promoting Partnerships and networks in Education sectors.
14. Advocacy for girls education