Business Education

Organization for Afghan Women Capacity and Knowledge


In the current post 15th August 2021 scenario, over 75% population lives below the poverty line and this crunches women and children the hardest. Women and girls face major obstacles to education, employment, and independent decision-making in their homes, communities and institutions. Even in the Pre Taliban regime, our assessment reveal that more the 70% of Afghan women are illiterate and around 80 % of Afghan women ,girls and children has suffered from at least one type of abuse, including physical or psychological violence, and 50-70% face forced marriage – many before the age of 18. We work for women to claim their rights (social, economic, religious and political) and their empowerment , so that they can lift themselves out of poverty and contribute to the development of Afghanistan.

Our Expertise

  • Managing Teacher Training Program
  • Literacy Training for Adults
  • Education for Returnees and IDPs
  • Basic Literacy & Life skills Training
  • Literacy Training for children in CFS
  • Accelerated Learning Program
  • Integrating Technology in Education
  • Developing digital education materials
  • Developing Digital Training Education resource center
  • Empowering Private Education and Training institutions
  • Promoting distance Education System
  • Financial assistance to students / families
  • Promoting Partnerships and networks in Education sectors.
  • Advocacy for girls education

Capacity Building

We have a well-established human resource development cell, headed by a technical expert and advisors, who not only designs and develops training programmes for the staff, but also designs project proposals for capacitation or individuals, community and government officials focusing on the thematic areas. Our target group for the capacity development initiatives are mainly, women in skill development, entrepreneurship for better livelihood opportunities. We are also working with community as a whole (male, female), religious leaders, students (high school, university), influential individuals and groups.

Our Expertise

  • Training need assessment
  • Training manual development
  • Training facilitation
  • ToT / MToT facilitation on
  • Training monitoring & evaluation.
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Training impact assessment
  • Exposure visits facilitation