BusinessAwareness Raising & Advocacy

Organization for Afghan Women Capacity and Knowledge

Awareness Raising & Advocacy

We have a well trained team for the implementation of awareness, rights monitoring & reporting projects. We have utilized various traditional & technological tools to disseminate public message across afghanistan, including multimedia, electronic and print media messages along with the development of multilingual IEC and BCC material used for raising awareness. The behavior change strategies have been used for clean, water, WASH practices at community level. Our teams has used community meetings as overarching methodology for awareness raising at the rural communities. Advocacy is one our key areas of interventions. We have implemented youth advocacy and women rights awareness and advocacy projects and have been able to make a difference to the lives of women at grass-root level.

Our Expertise

  • Awareness /advocacy strategies on our thematic areas
  • Media production for awareness
  • Advocacy through community
  • Advocacy with government institutions
  • Advocacy with politicians and Taliban
  • Advocacy through participation.
  • Advocacy through conferences facilitation
  • Advocacy through research
  • Advocacy through