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Agri Support & Natural Resource Management

Combining the two sectors agriculture and natural resource management help to protect and promote the welfare of poor small families / farmers, leading to more sustainable livelihoods, rural development to eradicate poverty and hunger. Despite its proven impact, many rural people engaged in the agriculture face specific barriers when attempting to access social security. It is critical to understand these barriers and identify mechanisms to ensure effective and adequate coverage to respond to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of those in the rural sector. Social protection initiatives can address many of the barriers poor rural households face while empowering them to engage in sustainable income-generating opportunities, thereby ensuring access to more and better food, building human capital, and increasing access to decent work.

Our Expertise

  • Natural resources assessment
  • Construction of small hydro Power project
  • Power need assessment
  • Renewable energy system installation
  • Horticulture support
  • Public parks construction & renovation
  • Drip water system installation
  • Promoting Bio Diversity
  • Promoting city Beautification
  • Garden establishment
  • Livestock consultation

Climate Change

At national level Afghanistan as a country is not prepare to fight a war against climate change and unfortunately neither the government institutions nor the general public has the climate challenges awareness, climate change planning capabilities and resources to handle natural disasters. The recent heavy armed clashes with Iran on Helmand water issues shows the severity of the climate change situation in Afghanistan. There is a great need that Afghanistan institutions, civil society organization and general public should take emergency actions for climate change with the cooperation and technical and financial assistance of international community. The management of OAWCK is well aware of the current and future challenges of climate change and its impact on the people and general public life of afghanistan and it is continuously fighting for the climate changes.